Monday, February 29, 2016

First Confirmations!!

Today for pday we are doing some service and possibly going to Bryan lake to hang out with people in our district. But thats a maybe but we will for sure be doing that next week. I am good on clothing and yes on other stuff. I have not bought anything considering I have not been here long enough.

 Other than that not much has gone on, we are a super new ward so a lot of our time is helping the ward progress and get everything settled and figured out. We have just a lot of really new investigators, and one that just got baptized on Saturday, and I got to be part of the confirmation of two new members on Sunday. We have an investigator named Michael who basically looks like a half Asian Michael Stringham. He is really really close to get baptized, we are real close to setting a date. He is basically a member, he attends choir, does the family history work and comes to church every single Sunday. His only problem is that he is scared to get baptized becasue his wife may never want to join the church and he doesn't know how that will play out if she never does. But he keeps saying when he joins the church, so I mean we are really close with him, hopefully he will be the next person we get to baptize. 

I am so grateful he is loving his mission and the work! I miss him terribly and really thought I would be a basket case but thankfully the Lord has been by my side and I know he is where he is supposed to be and he is looking out for Harrison, as well as, myself! I have great comfort in knowing he is okay!!

No pictures were sent this week so I just added this one of him representing Texas!


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