Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Slow Week!

Here is a link to a story the news in Houston did on missionaries! I was hoping to see Harrison at the conference that President Nelson attended but I didn't see him:(

Is email was short this week but he's still busy so I guess that's good!! He has been having members text me and send me pictures so I am so grateful for them and that they are taking good care of him!!

Not much has happened this week, just a lot of finding people
and tracting and such, but we have started teaching these two little girls
who have not yet been baptized in their families so they will be the next
people we baptize on like April 9th. So thats pretty exciting, one of them
is named Danielle and the other is Odella. Other than that its just a normal day,
 we will be teaching a few
of our recent converts and such so that will be fun. 

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