Friday, August 25, 2017

Hurricane Harvey!

Sorry I have not updated the blog for awhile but Harry hasn't really given me any fabulous stories or such, he's not much of a writer!! He is doing great and still working really hard!! We are now on the downhill side of things!! He will be home in January!! He is in Spring,Texas, still the zone leader, he is training again and riding a bike in the middle of summer!! So he's dripping wet!! Hahha

Anyways, hurricane Harvey is headed toward him and I received an update from the mission president that all missionaries were instructed to get 3 gallons of water, food like pop tarts, granola bars, fruit snacks etc that they can live off of because they may lose power! He needed flashlights and pretty much to stay in their apartments and if they needed to be evacuated members would help in that situation! So any extra prayers for Houston would be appreciated right now!! They do expect about 30 inches of water so flooding is pretty much gonna happen so they are instructed to hang out in their house only!! Hopefully I will hear from him on Monday with stories of his first hurricane!!