Monday, February 8, 2016

Busy Week!

I dont have all the time in the world to send whole emails to you! haha (Umm, shouldn't he just email his mother all day long!!) hahaha

We arent doing much for Pday, we had to get an oil change in our van, and then went shopping but other than that we are just going home and relaxing and taking naps! No,I did not have the opportunity to see the super bowl. But I knew who won, people told us. 

Other than that the people I have been teaching are coming along, we havent got past the restoration with most of them, but that's because they have to commit and actually read the Book of Mormon before we can move on. We have been meeting with this guy named Joseph who has not grasped on to anything we have been trying to teach him. He thinks that we are here to help him start like our own ministry in a park... so we are going to lay down the law the next time we see him, and let him know that the church we are a part of is the only true church because he thinks that every church is good as long as we follow God. But we are trying to teach him that we are the only true church and he is not understanding that at all. Other than that we just have a bunch of new investigators that are just starting off, so we havent gone too far yet, we found 9 new ones this week, so we are building up our teaching pool.

Welcome to Texas!! hahaha Nice boot! I actually told him to come home with a big hat and boots!!

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