Monday, July 25, 2016

6 Months Down!!!!

I was made a trainer this past week and the training is going really well! Elder Tweedie is awesome! 
He is really stoked to do the work which is really good! And I am excited to see
the great stuff that is going to happen in the area over the next
three months! 

So I asked him if he was a fun or an uptight trainer and this was his response....

And I am a fun trainer!! Why would you even think I
would be uptight??! Am I ever uptight?! Are you kidding me?! I am the
funniest and most wonderful person in the entire world! Remember?!

Boy, he doesn't have a big head does he......

This is all the trainers waiting to be paired up with their new companions!

This is the entire picture of all the new missionaries and trainers having lunch together!

His new companion, Elder Tweedie!

Not too much happened this week honestly... It was a really slow week,
I wasn't in my area for a few days while I was waiting for my trainee.
But I was in the coolest area in all the mission!! I was in the
Melbourne area which is like actual Houston and the apartment for the
missionaries is like right next to downtown. 

Downtown Houston!

The mom and son in the middle of this picture are his recent baptisms! He went and did baptisms for the dead with them!

Monday, July 18, 2016


The baptisms went great yesterday! My first real investigators that I
baptized myself. It was really fun, the mom Letty is the best she just
was crying and everything as she came out of the water and she just
was like the most golden investigator! So it was awesome! We are going
to go do baptisms for the dead with them this Friday! That's exciting!

Anyway... ALLIGATOR is delicious!! Haha it was way good! It did taste
close to chicken but it still had a different flavor! So when we are
doing my mission tour we are for sure going somewhere to get some
gator! You have to try it! You will like it! And I bet dad would like
to try eating it as well! 

Yea..I am not going to be trying Alligator anytime soon!! Also he had a great 4th of July! He had a giant nerf war and then they were at a members house I'm guessing since he didn't give me names to these pictures for some giant fireworks or I should say bomb! The video he sent of this so called bomb didn't work:( Let's just say boys and big fireworks made for a funny video!! hahaha

He doesn't really like any teams from Texas....didn't take him long to sport some new Texas A&M Shirt!! Yes, I did make fun of him!! 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Upcoming Baptism/Trainor!!!

My week was awesome, we had a great week, we are still teaching Letty
and Arturo and they are getting baptized this Saturday. And they are
getting so excited for it! We also had a guy named Ron come to
church, and he got to hear me talk... Because I had to talk in
sacrament! So that WAS nerve racking because my mission President  is in my ward!!

I have been
informed by the mission president that I will be training this
upcoming transfer! So that's what I will be doing in like a week and a
half. So that pretty exciting!

So still no pictures of this kid.....just a lovely cockroach! I sure hope he doesn't have these in his actual house!! So gross!!!