Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Special Conference/1st official email!!

They had a special conference in the Texas Houston South mission! Brother Russell M Nelson came and spoke with all the missionaries. He was so excited to hear his message and meet him! Here is an excerpt from his email:

     "We also got to go down into the Houston South Mission for a Tri misson conference. It was in one of Houston's many downtown's which was pretty. President Russel M. Nielson came to the conference so we got to hear a talk from him, and we got to meet him and shake his hand. So it was sweet. "

Awaiting to hear from President Russell M Nelson!
Harrison's Mission President and wife with Russell M. Nelson!

Here is the rest of his email for this week! He is 10mins or so away from Texas A&M..thanks goodness football season is over because I'm pretty sure that is where Harry would be?? Just kidding...maybe?!?!!

So far everything is wonderful, I am having a great time. Houston is pretty cool, I really like it here so far. Lots of trees!!! I have done a few lessons, lots and lots of tracting. A few dinner appointments, one of them was my first awful experience. 
My area is actually different then what I thought. The email had got them wrong. My real area is Bryan Texas. Im in the Bryan 2nd ward, which is up in college station on Blinn College campus. Im also like 5 minutes from Texas A&M campus. We go to the institute building on the campus like everyday. We drive a van around, so other missionaries call us the mission moms. So that's pretty fun!
The only 3 dinner appointments I have had have been all mexican food so far. Fajitas, taco salad, and then my first experience with cockroaches. I could of eaten some who knows because they were crawling around everywhere! It was pretty gross but other than that it has been a wonderful week, and it has been awesome. 

             -Elder Stringham 

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  1. Cockroaches!!! I guess he'll never go hungry :)