Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Zone Conference/Campus work!!

This week we had to drop a lot of our investigators so it's back to the grind for us this week!  We do a lot of college campus work! We run a club called LDSSA. The club helps pull in single adults to hangout and fun game nights or play sports.  We help run the bible study class but we sneak in mormon doctrine to them as well. We are so sneaky!! I love the days we can hang out at the college and be with the single people!

We also had zone conference this week so we drove the 2 hours to Houston for the conference and it was awesome! It is great to learn from my mission president, as well as, other missionaries!
Zone Conference
He's getting well fed!! Zone Conference!

I wanted to share something he said in a letter to us:  "We are fixin to start....AAAAHHHHHH I just said fixin! My heavens, Texas rubs off on you real quick! I say fixin and ya'll all the time now and its pretty much the worse thing that has ever happened to me"

I just laugh at him because he swore he would never talk like a Texan and now one month into his mission and he's turning Texan!! hahahaha

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