Monday, February 29, 2016

First Confirmations!!

Today for pday we are doing some service and possibly going to Bryan lake to hang out with people in our district. But thats a maybe but we will for sure be doing that next week. I am good on clothing and yes on other stuff. I have not bought anything considering I have not been here long enough.

 Other than that not much has gone on, we are a super new ward so a lot of our time is helping the ward progress and get everything settled and figured out. We have just a lot of really new investigators, and one that just got baptized on Saturday, and I got to be part of the confirmation of two new members on Sunday. We have an investigator named Michael who basically looks like a half Asian Michael Stringham. He is really really close to get baptized, we are real close to setting a date. He is basically a member, he attends choir, does the family history work and comes to church every single Sunday. His only problem is that he is scared to get baptized becasue his wife may never want to join the church and he doesn't know how that will play out if she never does. But he keeps saying when he joins the church, so I mean we are really close with him, hopefully he will be the next person we get to baptize. 

I am so grateful he is loving his mission and the work! I miss him terribly and really thought I would be a basket case but thankfully the Lord has been by my side and I know he is where he is supposed to be and he is looking out for Harrison, as well as, myself! I have great comfort in knowing he is okay!!

No pictures were sent this week so I just added this one of him representing Texas!


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Zone Conference/Campus work!!

This week we had to drop a lot of our investigators so it's back to the grind for us this week!  We do a lot of college campus work! We run a club called LDSSA. The club helps pull in single adults to hangout and fun game nights or play sports.  We help run the bible study class but we sneak in mormon doctrine to them as well. We are so sneaky!! I love the days we can hang out at the college and be with the single people!

We also had zone conference this week so we drove the 2 hours to Houston for the conference and it was awesome! It is great to learn from my mission president, as well as, other missionaries!
Zone Conference
He's getting well fed!! Zone Conference!

I wanted to share something he said in a letter to us:  "We are fixin to start....AAAAHHHHHH I just said fixin! My heavens, Texas rubs off on you real quick! I say fixin and ya'll all the time now and its pretty much the worse thing that has ever happened to me"

I just laugh at him because he swore he would never talk like a Texan and now one month into his mission and he's turning Texan!! hahahaha

Monday, February 8, 2016

Busy Week!

I dont have all the time in the world to send whole emails to you! haha (Umm, shouldn't he just email his mother all day long!!) hahaha

We arent doing much for Pday, we had to get an oil change in our van, and then went shopping but other than that we are just going home and relaxing and taking naps! No,I did not have the opportunity to see the super bowl. But I knew who won, people told us. 

Other than that the people I have been teaching are coming along, we havent got past the restoration with most of them, but that's because they have to commit and actually read the Book of Mormon before we can move on. We have been meeting with this guy named Joseph who has not grasped on to anything we have been trying to teach him. He thinks that we are here to help him start like our own ministry in a park... so we are going to lay down the law the next time we see him, and let him know that the church we are a part of is the only true church because he thinks that every church is good as long as we follow God. But we are trying to teach him that we are the only true church and he is not understanding that at all. Other than that we just have a bunch of new investigators that are just starting off, so we havent gone too far yet, we found 9 new ones this week, so we are building up our teaching pool.

Welcome to Texas!! hahaha Nice boot! I actually told him to come home with a big hat and boots!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Special Conference/1st official email!!

They had a special conference in the Texas Houston South mission! Brother Russell M Nelson came and spoke with all the missionaries. He was so excited to hear his message and meet him! Here is an excerpt from his email:

     "We also got to go down into the Houston South Mission for a Tri misson conference. It was in one of Houston's many downtown's which was pretty. President Russel M. Nielson came to the conference so we got to hear a talk from him, and we got to meet him and shake his hand. So it was sweet. "

Awaiting to hear from President Russell M Nelson!
Harrison's Mission President and wife with Russell M. Nelson!

Here is the rest of his email for this week! He is 10mins or so away from Texas A&M..thanks goodness football season is over because I'm pretty sure that is where Harry would be?? Just kidding...maybe?!?!!

So far everything is wonderful, I am having a great time. Houston is pretty cool, I really like it here so far. Lots of trees!!! I have done a few lessons, lots and lots of tracting. A few dinner appointments, one of them was my first awful experience. 
My area is actually different then what I thought. The email had got them wrong. My real area is Bryan Texas. Im in the Bryan 2nd ward, which is up in college station on Blinn College campus. Im also like 5 minutes from Texas A&M campus. We go to the institute building on the campus like everyday. We drive a van around, so other missionaries call us the mission moms. So that's pretty fun!
The only 3 dinner appointments I have had have been all mexican food so far. Fajitas, taco salad, and then my first experience with cockroaches. I could of eaten some who knows because they were crawling around everywhere! It was pretty gross but other than that it has been a wonderful week, and it has been awesome. 

             -Elder Stringham 

New Companion!

So they all meet together in the ward building and had some meetings with the Mission President then all of the trainers sit on one side and all the newbies on the other side awaiting to see who their new companion is!
The trainers for the new missionaries!

The new missionaries waiting for their new companion!

Elder Stringham's new companion is named Elder Mcarthur! He said he is really cool and excited to serve with him!
He looks very happy and I am excited for him to start this great adventure!

Texas BBQ!

Upon arrival in Houston, they were taken to the mission home and fed a real Texas BBQ, one of many I am sure he will have over the next 2 years! He loves his mission president already! He let them have a nap, fed them and made them all write letters home!!

Enjoying their fabulous lunch!
Still have yet to receive this letter!!

Then the mission president took them all to the Houston Temple, which is one of my favorite temples! It is absolutely beautiful! 
The whole group of new missionaries! 

He had a fabulous first day in Houston!

Houston.....Elder Stringham has arrived!!!

Yes, I am behind on updating the blog but Elder Stringham arrived in Houston last Wednesday! I received his phone call early that morning and it was so good to hear his voice!!

 Here are a few pictures of his arrival:

He's the one way in the back!! Remember he's the one that inherited all of my height!! Poor Kid!
Guess who's front and center now!!
Meeting his Mission President!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Harry's MTC Expierence!

Harrison enjoyed his time at the MTC but, he was ready to get out and head to Houston!! He emailed and said, "do you know what the difference is between a prison and the MTC'? A prison you get visitors! Oh Harry, sounds just like him!! He heard talks from Bednar, Oaks and Nielson,  and Janice Kapp Perry. He loved all their talks!

 This is one of the emails I received while in the MTC....Can you tell he is a very picked on child!!

      "Why are you ignoring me?! I have received nothing from you all as every other missionary has received several packages already. And here Elder Stringham is, without any love from his parents. Just left alone to be such a loser. Not even a single email!!!! NO package!!!! there is no love for your son you're not going to see for two years!!!! Love you all, but the love is slowly leaving as I continue to receive nothing ever. I better see an email before Thursday or I will never forgive you. also a package."

So much love from our son!! We sent a couple of packages and letters/emails just so you all know that we do care about our kid!!!