Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving on the Farm!!

We didn't have too many exciting things happen this week, but we did find 8 new investigators! So our finding went really well this week. The Blinn college campus was closed for the holidays so we didn't really get to go on that.

My new companion is Elder Sanchez! He is a beast! He's awesome and we are probably going to be together in Brenham for like 3 months, so I am excited about that! 

We spent thanksgiving at the Knox family, who are my favorite people in the Brenham Branch! They are great, they live on a farm in the middle of nowhere.  The Branch we cover is huge, we have Brenham right in the middle and we can go 30-40 miles in any direction! And it covers a total of 5 counties It's awesome! All the members live super far away and have tons of property and animals and such!

But thanksgiving at the Knox's was a lot of fun. We had smoked turkey and brisket. It was delicious!! We got to pet all their animals, they have horses, donkeys, chickens, dogs, cats, bunnies, and geese! So it was cool! 

The only thing I really missed this year was grandma's pumpkin pie!!!! 

Guy the Horse!

Smoking the Turkey and Brisket 

Ella the Donkey

Brenham District

My Desk with my little Christmas Tree!!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Go To The Temple....Harry said so!!

I am doing well! We had some good experiences this week, we found a
college student that has been reading the Book of Mormon and is loving
it, so we are hoping to set a date with her soon! 

Other than that, we
didn't do too much, the highlight of the week was of course was
getting the chance to go through the temple! Got to love the temple!
Once again, you and dad better be making time to get the temple as
often as y'all can!  The temple is the best place in the world! So you
better be going, it makes everything better when we consistently go
and come closer to our father in Heaven!

Monday, November 7, 2016

New Area/Baptism!

Can you believe I am going
to hit my year mark in like the blink of an eye! I swear i still feel
like I have been out for only like a couple months... time is flying!
We didn't really do much for halloween, we had to be in early, so we
had to do our 3 hours of proselyting during the day, so we went out to
college station for a few hours to hang out with the district just for
a little. We just played bumper pool, ping pong, real pool and board
games at the institute building that's across the street from Texas
A&M. It's weird being back in the same place almost that I was when I
started my mission. But farther away, when I was in Bryan, Bryan is
literally the same city as College Station, they are mixed together.
But Brenham is like an hour away from College Station. We are
seriously like in the middle of nowhere, but I love it here, its nice
out here. and its really fun doing all the work on the Blinn College

We baptized Liticia this week! She is awesome and is such a
sweetheart! So that was an awesome experience! It always is an awesome
experience to baptize new converts!