Monday, February 1, 2016

Harry's MTC Expierence!

Harrison enjoyed his time at the MTC but, he was ready to get out and head to Houston!! He emailed and said, "do you know what the difference is between a prison and the MTC'? A prison you get visitors! Oh Harry, sounds just like him!! He heard talks from Bednar, Oaks and Nielson,  and Janice Kapp Perry. He loved all their talks!

 This is one of the emails I received while in the MTC....Can you tell he is a very picked on child!!

      "Why are you ignoring me?! I have received nothing from you all as every other missionary has received several packages already. And here Elder Stringham is, without any love from his parents. Just left alone to be such a loser. Not even a single email!!!! NO package!!!! there is no love for your son you're not going to see for two years!!!! Love you all, but the love is slowly leaving as I continue to receive nothing ever. I better see an email before Thursday or I will never forgive you. also a package."

So much love from our son!! We sent a couple of packages and letters/emails just so you all know that we do care about our kid!!! 


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  2. Lol! Some things never change. I however know for a fact Elder Stringham is very much loved. Mmmwah!