Monday, August 29, 2016

Temple Work/District Leader!!

My week was really good, we had a pretty exciting week! On Wednesday
we went though the temple, it was our Temple day, so I went through
with my own ancestor name which was a great great grandpa from Grandma
Stringhams side. His name was John Reginald Wood. I got to do the
Baptism, Confirmation, initiatory, and endowment for him. It was
really awesome!! I love the Houston Temple, it's like one of my
favorites! When you come to get me when my mission is over, we need to
go do a session in it! 

Anyway, we also did a ton
 of service this week, we did some service at
the Peanut Butter Factory, and at the Houston Food Bank so that was a
lot of fun.  And then on Friday we set
another baptism date with one of our investigators named Andrea, she
is a non member of a part member family. But we set the 24th of Septmeber
for her Baptism. That's pretty exciting, the other thing that I did
this week, was that I bought a super fancy pair of large scriptures at
the distribution center when we went through the temple.

So the big news I have is that I have just been made the District Leader over the Houston North District.... And that it's really

Monday, August 22, 2016

Service and Confirmations!

I did my first confirmation! So that was really
neat! And ya we had Katherine baptized! So it went really well! 3
baptisms in 2 months! The work is really moving! The lord is hastening
the work!

We got to teach at President
Mortensen's sons baptism. His youngest son  had his baptism
and we taught a little lesson during the changing period. And then we
got to be in the confirmation circle and that was pretty exciting.

We also did some service at an elementary school called Kuenhle
elementary! (I bet you can't pronounce that word ;) but anyway we just
pretty much put together paper packets for two hours, but it was fun!

Ummm then we started doing our youth lessons this week. We started in
the Ward a program where we teach the youth 14-18 the first three
discussions. So that they can be treated like an investigator and they
can go through the conversion process as well, so they can a
foundation in the gospel that will help them through high school and
through their lives. So that was fun beginning to do that! The kids
thought it was pretty fun! Other than that we really didn't have to
much happen... There has been rain everyday for awhile and  this
week its supposed to rain off and on. 

Monday, August 1, 2016

Houston Zoo/ Aunt Megan & Uncle Bill Visit!

First off, things are going good here, we just set a baptismal date
with a girl named Kathryn. She is Letty's, (our recent converts) sister,
she was the other girl that was in the baptism pictures of Letty and
Arturo. But ya things are going great! We are trying to get the Ward a
little more missionary minded and such because the area is small and
the work needs to pick up in the main ward we cover.

Last P-day a member took us to the Houston Zoo, which is out of our area! It was so nice to go and visit the zoo last week!!

Aunt Megan lives in Houston and was so thrilled Harry was called to serve down there! When Matt served his mission many, many moons ago in Oakland, California, she actually lived there at the time! Coincidence??? Maybe?? Regardless, it has been a great comfort knowing she is nearby! She has been patiently waiting for him to transfer closer to her! He is still out of her area but she picked them up last week and took them out for some Texas BBQ!

All in all it was a good for week for these awesome elders!!