Monday, September 5, 2016

1st Birthday on the Mish!!

So for his birthday I sent a package with party hats that you could decorate, those annoying things you blow on to make noise, and even sent pin the tail on the donkey. I ordered pizza and had it delivered to the ward building for his district! Aunt Megan also brought him a cake and cupcakes for everyone that day! 
So this was his response to that...

My birthday was good! We had a lot of fun with all the things on
Monday, we only took like one picture though. REALLY only one picture...that kid!! 

But I have quite a few
pictures from the Dinner I had with my recent converts on Saturday! I
love this family so much! They made me a cake with candles and
everything and then they gave me a gift.... Which was a super nice
camelback... And I was so happy!!! It was such a
thoughtful gift!

Anyway the week went good, my first district meeting went really well, nothing else happened this week, we really didn't have much
happen this week, we basically have just about knocked on every door
in this area now, and we still really haven't had too much luck. But
we are still doing our best to find people who are ready to receive the
gospel and make the change in their lives for the better.

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