Monday, September 12, 2016

New Diet Plan!!

Some members took us to the Natural History Museum last week for pday! They have
this butterfly exhibit where you go in and it's like a huge jungle
with all sorts of plants and there's streams and a waterfall and there
are like butterflies of all kinds just flying around you, it was
pretty cool! Except when the big ones almost hit your face!!

So he sent me this picture of a huge bug and these signs about insects being a healthy alternative to meat???? WHAT!!! The one picture shows how insects compare to beef and chicken! I didn't include the other information pictures he sent but one of them says this...

"Its purely a matter of taste. We savor their close relatives, the crustaceans! So the next time you think about shucking a crawfish, dining on lobsters, or munching on soft shell crabs, Why not snack on a grasshopper po'boi instead??"

I did email him back real quick and told him that I didn't want to hear he was starving!! He could make endless amounts of cockroach tacos!!! hahaha

Not too much happened this week, I had a lot of meetings I had to do
as a district leader. We had our Missionary Leadership Counsel which is
a 8 hour meeting and then the next day I had a 4 hour meeting for the
New Leadership Training. Other than that we have been trying to do
things like find a weekly service project  we can do, and so that
was the picture the member sent, we went into a goodwill and were
signing up to be volunteers there. So ya we did that, we tracted a
whole lot and then we helped this one guy who was pretty funny but we
pulled up and asked him if he needed help and he let us help cut and
trim his bushes. Then we shared a bit of our message with him and then
he told us to come back sometime, so hopefully something comes from
that. As we were leaving he was telling us that we were like what  Christians should be, telling us that we were like Jesus because we
stopped and offered our help and then shared the gospel so he was
happy about that. So neat experience!

Picture at the goodwill!

District Meeting!

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