Monday, August 29, 2016

Temple Work/District Leader!!

My week was really good, we had a pretty exciting week! On Wednesday
we went though the temple, it was our Temple day, so I went through
with my own ancestor name which was a great great grandpa from Grandma
Stringhams side. His name was John Reginald Wood. I got to do the
Baptism, Confirmation, initiatory, and endowment for him. It was
really awesome!! I love the Houston Temple, it's like one of my
favorites! When you come to get me when my mission is over, we need to
go do a session in it! 

Anyway, we also did a ton
 of service this week, we did some service at
the Peanut Butter Factory, and at the Houston Food Bank so that was a
lot of fun.  And then on Friday we set
another baptism date with one of our investigators named Andrea, she
is a non member of a part member family. But we set the 24th of Septmeber
for her Baptism. That's pretty exciting, the other thing that I did
this week, was that I bought a super fancy pair of large scriptures at
the distribution center when we went through the temple.

So the big news I have is that I have just been made the District Leader over the Houston North District.... And that it's really

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