Monday, March 14, 2016

Tracting and Blessings!!

We have had some struggles with teaching, because our teaching pool has been empty now, which has sucked.  We pretty much had everyone in our teaching pool end up being dropped, and like for 4 days straight we tracted for hours and hours and hours... but we kept to it, but it being spring break here, it has been rough to find anybody. THen finally we decided to knock on one last door for the night and they answered, and it ended up being a fantastic lesson and now they are our new investigators. Their names are Shawn and Katy, and they were great, we even got Shawn to pray at the end of the lesson for the guidance to know that the Book of Mormon was true and it was awesome. The best part though was when I relayed the first vision in Joseph Smiths own words, and the spirit was ridiculous! They just said wow after I was done, so it was pretty good and we are going back tomorrow to see how they are doing and teach them the Plan of Salvation. So it was pretty exciting to finally see us being blessed for the amount of tracting we had done.

 Anyway, other than that it has not been exciting, besides the fact of all the weird crazy people that answer their doors. My favorite is the people that say that we haven't received the Holy Ghost because we cant speak in tounges. Its the best, we have had two people just start spouting off gibberish acting like they are calling upon the holy ghost and using their gift of tounges, so it is pretty funny. Also all the people that slam the door on us, its just the best because it just makes me laugh. Anyways I will let you know when more things happen, it is slowly building up again though and it will be the best here soon when our area explodes with people!

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