Monday, March 21, 2016

Upcoming Baptism!

This week was pretty cool because we got to take our own family name to the temple and do all the ordinances except for the sealing. It was way awesome, we also get to do the family history work for an hour a week and I have found a total of 30 names and have shared about half with the temple system but I am reserving the others so that I can do their work when I get the chance or just when I get home. But ya so that was really fun, and I think the Mission President is going to let us do that every 6 months, which is a miracle because there are like no other missionaries that are allowed to do anything but endowment but we get to do all of it now.

OH! also this Saturday I will be baptizing this little 8 year old girl who we have been teaching who only has a mom so the mom asked me to baptize her, so that is going to be my first baptism. So its not an investigator but it will still be the first baptism. 

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