Monday, April 3, 2017

New Zone Leader!!

This week has been crazy... so many things have gone down
this week... so this is how the mission is going! I have been made a
Zone leader now... this last week has been insane... so on Tuesday I
get the call that I am going to be a zone leader. Then a little bit
later I get the call that I am the zone leader of a brand new zone.
The Klein zone that I was in, split and made a new Tomball zone. So
not only am I a new zone leader, but I am a zone leader for a new
zone, so I am literally one of two of the very first zone leaders ever
for this new zone. But it didn't end there.... President then calls me
a little bit later informing me that a pair of sisters were coming
into the zone and they would be sharing my ward and the Magnolia 1st
Ward. So I was asked to be the one to make their area. So not only
among all the chaos of having to organize a new zone, I was to create
an area. So that was wild... spent a lot of time looking at a map and
trying to figure out what would work.... but we got their area figured
out, and then the weird week didn't end there.... the apartment
complex the sisters were to move into fell through... so they had to
move into our complex.... so that was the weirdest thing ever!! And
their apartment is like one away from ours, we are literally next door
neighbors... so flipping weird!!!  And then we ended up giving them
two of our progressing investigators and a ton of Less actives we were
working with... and they have already like taken all of our dinners!
Haha so ya... it's been wild week.

The good news though is that we are working with a family that has
totally been guided by god like none other to the gospel. There are so
many miracles that are happening with them! The first one was that
they searched up mormons to prepare themselves before we got over
there, and they literally said they found nothing on the internet!!
They said it popped up with nothing.... so that was divine
intervention for sure!! Then when we went by one day it invite them to
Conference, no one was answering the door. Then when we felt prompted
to knock another time, the mom Carol answered and she told us that she
was cleaning in the back room of her apartment, with her music just
blaring. And so she didn't know anyone was knocking. But then she said
as she was sitting there, out of nowhere the music stopped for no
reason. It just turned off, and then she heard her dog bark and the
door knock. She was so surprised to see us that she was telling us

about that and how there is just something helping her along the way!

Love the pictures of him and this little girl!!

Harry's New Tomball Zone!!

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