Monday, April 10, 2017

Meetings and Bed Bugs....

This week was weird because we had the Tuesday meeting and then I had
a Wednesday meeting, then we had interviews with President on
Thursday. Then on Friday I went on an exchange with the Assistants in
the woodlands. Then this last couple days we have had a missionary
named Elder Jones, who served with me in College Station stay with us.
He extended his mission a month so he is just traveling to all the
zones and spending 4 days at a time with all the Zone leaders to help
them out. So it's been a really crazy week once again. But we had a
great week, we taught a lot of lessons and were able to find 7 new
investigators!! And a couple of them seem really really solid! But
other than that we are just continuing to try and build our teaching

pool and will hopefully see some wonderful miracles here soon :)

I do not like our apartment! This may be one of the worst apartments I have been in......We are currently dealing with BED BUGS!!! The joys of the Houston Life...Isn't it just the best!!  

I have been grossed out and Itching all day long since I've received his email this morning! I hope this gets taken care of quickly!! So gross!!!!

My favorite couple/investigators!! I was able to go back to my old area to see these two baptized!! I was so happy President let me go back! I love these so much! 

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