Monday, March 6, 2017

Transferred to Tomball Texas!

Sorry for the long pause with updating the blog for Harry but he had a couple of slow weeks so their wasn't  much to update everyone about!! He recently was transferred and it was one of the hardest transfers Harry has had up to this point!! He was in Brenham for quite awhile and loved it so much....This is what he said about it:

Brenham has been my favorite place in the
mission, and it was harder leaving there than it was leaving home...
haha seriously though!! It was just rough... I really loved that
Branch and all the people I had taught there and as well as just the
geography as well! It is just a special place! And it will always hold
a special spot in my heart! I really will be going back to visit

Brenham all the time when I am home!! 

He had a couple of baptisms set up before he left so his Mission President let him go back for one!! So these pictures are of his recent convert in Brenham!

He is working towards going back for another baptism that he had set up! He really loves the people in Brenham!

This was his week in Tomball:

This week was pretty good! We have been teaching a lot, but we are
just trying to continue to find people prepared. We found 5 new
investigators once again this week, so as long as we get 5 more this
week than we can get to the second baptism on the 18th! So ya! It was
pretty exciting this week with some of the miracles that happened
while we were finding! One of the things that happened was that after
a many series of prompting from the spirit we knocked on this door and
found a man named Ray and a woman named Cindy. Cindy was the mans
caretaker because he had cancer, but Cindy had told us that the only
place that she has felt the spirit was at the Mormon church and that
30 minutes before we got to the door, she had actually told ray that
they needed to go get a blessing from the mormons! So it was super
cool, definitely something that doesn't happen everyday! Also last
night we needed one more person to find and so we knocked and knocked
and knocked and knocked some more.... and it was definitely a trial of
our faith and as well as our patience! But we finally found the person
we were looking for! So hopefully they will also progress in the

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