Monday, October 24, 2016

Transferred and Robbed!!!

 I might as well be herding cows... I am now in the Brenham Branch... which is out in the middle of nowhere... and it's been a little rough of a transition. I am not a big fan of the country.

When I told his Aunt Megan about his transfer and the new area he was in...She said Brenham is "the land of contented cows" AKA, Bluebell Ice Cream which the creamery is out there!! At least that part should make Harry happy!! 

So this week went alright, we are teaching a lot of people here in Brenham and we are just about to have a baptism this weekend! Her name is Liticia! She is super excited for her baptism! And so are we! It has been great to see the change in her! Also what happened this week was the occurrence of us being burglarized! We got in our car like Tuesday morning and I noticed that the seat was moved really far back! (I'm the only one that can drive) so I knew that somebody had got in the car because there was no reason for the seat to be back. And then we looked around the car and saw that the gps and my MP3 were stolen... so that was a real bummer! But I consider myself super blessed though! I had kept my wallet in the middle console overnight and apparently the person who decided to steal stuff decided to leave my wallet and everything with it and as well as our mission gas card in the glove box! So that was such a blessing that those things weren't stole. 

I was talking Texan to him in my email to him and this is his response....

And also... that was terrible Texan! You just used like two words that are Texan... so y'all better be fixin to work on that there Texan ma'am or you'd best be ready to be tumpt o'er. See... that's a Texan sentence!! Get on my level momma!! 

That child!!!!!! He is very entertaining!!

Last picture with my "son" AKA my trainee!! :(

My new Brenham District!

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