Tuesday, October 18, 2016

High School Football/Senator Service Project!!

So, I'm behind on updating the blog but it's been a couple of slow weeks for Harry!! He did finally get to check out a football game which is the one thing he wanted to do in Texas!

This is his response to the game.....

And yes the High school game was fun! The team we were cheering for was destroying the other team... but in all honesty, the stadium is bigger and there are more people there, but it was not as crazy as ours! Like I swear even before our student section got bigger and crazier, our section was a lot louder and a lot crazier than they were. Their student section was super boring and didn't do anything! 

Their ya go.....STALLIONS RULE!!

Not totally sure about this mascot!

We did this big service project we did down in Houston. We had about 14 missionaries at this thing, where we were being basically servers for some huge senior citizen convention. But ya it was ran by some senator named Sylvia Garcia. 

Senator Service Project!

Apparently, he says he's buying this car...A Bel Air!

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