Monday, June 13, 2016

New Area!!

Ok, last weeks music video was the best and now that he is transferred, he is on a bike:( So now he just might have to get creative for the next one!! Which I have told him everyone is awaiting an encore!! hahaha

This weeks email was short but still good! I didn't receive any pictures!! He's in big trouble!! LOL So the pictures I am putting on here today are pictures from his last area!!

My week has been good! Yep, I am in the new area! Im now in Spring
Texas! So it's the opposite from Bryan because it's all city instead
of all country! So it's pretty cool! It's a really tiny area! Like
only made up of 4 small neighborhoods! So I am on bike now and will be
for the next 4 and a half months... So I get to truly experience the
horrible summer heat because I'll be outside the whole time! But I
really like the bike! I get to talk to everybody we see on the sides of the

My mission president is in my ward, so its awesome seeing him every week!! We even get to have dinner with his family at the end of the month!

So far it's going really well! We have now started teaching a guy
named Joe! And We decided to bring President Mortensen to the lesson
because we knew if he came then the lesson would go perfectly! And it
did! It was pretty much the best lesson that I have ever been in!!!
The spirit was so strong! And Joe accepted a baptism invitation once
he came to know what we taught was true! So it was great! And now he
has president Mortensen as a fellow shipper so he's not getting away!!
But ya so it's been great so far here!!

He was 2 hours away from Houston and the Temple, now he is like 10mins. away!

Flooding that happened in his area! He said it subsided a ton because they aren't driving through it! haha

Such a beautiful family!!

His first investigator that he baptized!

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