Monday, June 27, 2016

Awesome Week!!

The area he is now in is a very difficult area to find new investigators! It is a small area so it takes a lot of effort and work on his part! So I am happy that this week has been a good week for them and they are excited about their new investigators and love them!

I am doing awesome this week! We set two dates with a lady named Letty
and her son named Arturo! They just both moved here from California and
they are so awesome!! We have only taught them twice but we set a
baptismal date and they are so excited and it's just great! We had
them come to church and then we also had the mission presidents
fireside that they went to. Where I also had to sing in the missionary
fireside choir! So that was fun! That's pretty much what happened this
week so it has been a pretty awesome week!

This was at the Mission Presidents Fireside!

For some reason this kid can't take pictures while he's on a bike! I guess he doesn't know that he can stop the bike and take selfies!! hahahaha By the time he gets home, I will have him loving to take pictures of himself??? Yea, probably not!! hahaha 

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