Monday, May 30, 2016

Tornado and Flooding!!

My father in law passed away last week so this is his response from finding out his grandfather passed away...

Ya... President Mortensen called me and just informed me of it and
helped counsel me and such with it. He told me that I could teach the
plan of salvation with more power and stuff, but ya so that's pretty
much how they did it... Ya I agree that he is definitely in a better
place than us! He's with Heavenly Father and grandma! Alma 40:11! It's
a good one!

The rest of his email, he sure has had an interesting few weeks in Texas!!

The week has been alright! A lot of stuff falling through but it's
because the fact of the weather! So ya, a tornado hit here in Bryan! It
was pretty scary... First tornado in real life! It was exciting and on
top of that there was a lot of flooding here in Bryan and even our
apartment wasn't safe! Our apartment flooded in one of the rooms! But
ya it was pretty exciting time here! I've never experienced flooding
like that or seen a tornado but now I have! So that was fun! Luckily
though the tornado only moved about like 3 streets so it didn't
destroy to much of Bryan! So we were lucky there! But the flooding has
caused a lot of issues! It messed up a lot of homes! Including the less
active member Catrina and her daughters Shyana and Jo Jo! Their house
flooded really really bad and they had to evacuate by boat and then
just left to a nearby town called Hearne where they have family! But
ya so the weather has been crazy, but it got worse with the fact that
now it's all sunny and it is extremely humid and extremely hot now!
It's pretty ridiculous how hot and humid it is! But we are supposed to
be hit by another big storm this week that might be causing more
flooding but we will see what happens!

We also have now set another baptism date but also are about to set a
second one today! So the work is really moving here in Bryan it's
exciting! The bad news is that I think this is my last week here in
Bryan so I won't get to see either of them progress or anything like


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