Monday, May 16, 2016

Accident! Not the email I want to hear about!!

My Companion was driving and somehow hit a huge brick mailbox and just crunched in the whole passenger side of the car! The mailbox blew up and I was literally lucky that none of the bricks flew through the windshield and killed me!! All the damage was on my side of the car and the airbag didn't even go off! The cops said I was lucky I didn't even end up with anything! Because I should have at least had airbag injuries, if it actually went off! We should be getting a new car this Thursday! 

 And the work has been alright! We have our baptism
this Saturday and it's been awesome to watch Edwin grow in the gospel! So my week hasn't been the best!

I am so grateful he was being watched over through the whole accident!! I'm sure he knew I would be crazy worried that he actually sent 4 pictures to ease my worry!! haha

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