Monday, January 2, 2017

New Years and Missionary Tag Picture...Finally!!

And really though for the new year we didn't do anything, we
were just out doing the work! We tracted for a bit, and then we were
out inviting as many people as we can to get to church. Because
President Mortensen has started a new thing where from 5-9 on Saturday
nights we just focus on getting people to church! It's called
operation church and rescue! Haha but ya so that's what we did, then
we drank some sparkling cider and went to bed by 10:30! Because I a,
way to tired all the time to be able to stay up until 12!

This week was pretty good! We have been working with a lot of less
actives, and such, as well as working with the two people we have
baptismal dates with. Our investigator Christopher is getting baptized
this Saturday and we are so excited! It's been a long time coming for
sure! And then we are working with a 17 year old who's baptism is on
January 28th! So that's the main stuff we are doing as far as the work
is going.

I have been bugging him for a tag picture and this was also considered my Christmas gift because that is wanted most from him so he showed me the picture when we skyped with him and that also made my Christmas!!

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