Monday, January 2, 2017


As far as what we are doing for Christmas we have a few families we
are going to on Christmas Day as well as Christmas Eve!  A member had us  had us go out to the car and she gave us like fifty boxes of presents they bought us! They were awesome and they had just moved from Utah! But ya she was a sweet lady and we haven't met
the husband yet because he works a ton and is always out of town, so
she is basically taking care of her their 3 kids herself! But yet she
still got us a billion gifts! Love the people here in Brenham!

Getting to Skype with Harrison was the best Christmas present ever!! He sent me and his dad gifts from Texas! Which was really sweet!! His tiny Christmas tree he had on his table that he was pretty proud of and we kept trying to get him to smile and in true Harry fashion he doesn't give it up to easy! So we have a ton of him doing his crazy smile but I got him in the end and we caught his smile!! hahaha

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