Monday, April 11, 2016

Texas Tough.....Just kidding!

So I was telling him that if he didn't do something that I would come to Texas and beat him up!! So this is his response to that...

And you
couldn't beat me up! I beat you up all the time at home and now that I
will be living in Texas for two years I will be even tougher! Texas
tough! Jkjk they aren't that tough they just act like they are. They
wouldn't last seconds in the wilderness! They are too turned into big
town people in Texas. It's not like in Utah where we have mountains
and wilderness!

Now don't let those harsh(hahaha) words make you think that Harry doesn't love the people of Texas...He really does love it down there and throughly enjoying his mission!! As to the beating me up...that boy couldn't hurt a fly, especially to his mother!! He's the biggest momma's boy I have!!

So now that I got the fun part of his email out of the way...Here is the good part of his email!!

The week was good we have found three new pretty solid investigators!
Their names are April, Rachel and Yihun. All different people we are
teaching they are not a  family or anything. Just all single people. So
that has been good this week, as far as sightseeing we went to a
members cabin last play in a town called snook Texas. It was like the
middle of nowhere and kinda looked like some areas in Utah. We went
fishing and took these hikes (Texans don't even know what a hike is,
they thing that just walking in the wilderness is a hike! (Silly
Texans!) anyway ya and it was pretty fun! Fed us some good barbecue.

Not sure who this family is or the story behind the picture!

Harry enjoying having his iPad!

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